27 August 2010

Is the Book Always Better Than the Movie?

We indulged in another trip to the local video store last Friday --movie night-- and The Sisters found Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian the movie!

The Dad saw Prince Caspian when it was first released in the theaters and recognized that it was a bit much for the girls, but that was two years ago! They were ready for it last Friday --the swords, the action, the evil Miraz.  All balanced perfectly with the Pevensie Four and the D.L.F. played by Peter Dinklage --a perfect Trumpkin. Even Reepicheep fulfills even the most imaginative child's hopes for a daring, respectful and chivalrous mouse and is voiced by Eddie Izzard. While certainly there were differences, the White Witch made an appearance and Susan and Prince Caspian exchange a chaste kiss --but this movie did very well for the work of C.S. Lewis.  As with the writing of Lewis, this movie is meant to be experienced more than once -we have read the book over a dozen times between us and have watched the movie twice and we find more with each visit to Narnia!

So which is better the book or the movie?
We will never tell!

We cannot wait until Christmas and the release of Voyage of the Dawn Treader:


  1. The differences between the book and the movie/tv show is a great discussion and the question of which was better always comes up. Sadly, Narnia is one place I have yet to visit between the pages, but I have seen several different versions of the tales on tv and in the theater and I have enjoyed them all.

  2. i love the movie prince Caspian it one of my favorite
    movies and it does stay true to some things!
    the voyage of the dawn treader is a good movie to
    but it is not at all like the book.
    still the chronicles of narnia book or movie are my
    FAVORITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the big*sister :)