10 August 2010

The Very First Winners of our Very First Contest...

Michael and Ryan Novak 
of Traverse City, Michigan! 
Our adult winner has chosen to remain anonymous and has donated her prize to the Women's Resource Center!

The Answers!

1. Name the City and State of this historic (hint, hint) building that this photo adorns. Traverse City Michigan! Here is the front of the building... 
The State Theater!
That's right, Traverse City's own State Theater and one of
Books for Walls Project's first official sponsors! Right next door is
Horizon Bookstore one of our other sponsors!

2. Identify the photo by naming the movie from which it is taken.

Safety Last starring Harold Lloyd

Learn more about the movie click here! Watch the scene, we liked this You Tube clip!

3. Name the award winning fictional book that has print of this photo and details about the movie all within its story
And the book is: The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick
The Sisters display the photo
within the pages of Hugo Cabret!

Thank you to everyone who participated --far and wide, young and old. Thank you to Interlochen Library for promoting the contest. Thank you to Horizon Bookstore in Traverse City for providing the Hardcover Edition of The Invention of Hugo Cabret that Michael and Ryan Novak selected as their prize! Thank you to the State Theater for providing movie tickets!!

Watch for our sponsors page that will highlight our growing list of sponsors for the Books for Walls Project!


  1. Oh dear, my tummy is queasy. How DID they film that sequence in 1923!

    Great Contest, Four of Us Family!

  2. Arwen in Pointe Shoes4:47 PM

    Wow...don't you just LOVE being a poet? I mean, where would the world be without us?
    Who knows...