20 August 2010

BFWP's Top Ten Movies: Secret of Roan Inish

Secret of Roan Inish is based on the book Secret of Ron Mor Skerry by Rosalie K. Fry (click here to find a copy near you).

The plot: a baby taken by the sea, selkies, mother who has died, father who is overcome by the loss of  his wife-child-home, and Fiona, a little girl gone to stay with her grandparents who live in the shadow of an island to the west that calls to them.

We have watched this movie more times than we can count. The first time we were amazed, the second time we were entranced, and every time after we've found something new to adore. The heavy brogues are sometimes hard to understand, but so much a part of the movie's richness, we found ourselves using subtitles to make sure we caught every wonderful word.

Each of us have a favorite character, a favorite scene, a favorite line --and these change as we grow older and watch the movie again and again. We don't suggest that you rent this movie, we suggest that you buy it and watch it over and over and over!

Watch for more BFWP's Top Ten Movie on Fridays to come!

On Friday's we discuss movies that were once books. Do you have a movie you loved, but hated the book --or read a book and anticipate the movie only to be disappointed? Tell us your top ten movies (or one!), click here. We love the idea of Books for Walls being a place you might check when you need a good movie, so help us... go ahead tell us about a good movie!

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  1. Arwen in Pointe Shoes2:33 PM

    My favorite movies are:
    1- Lord of the Rings (the books and movies R tied!)
    2- Narnia (movies are better, in some points)
    3- Secret of Roan Inish (I love anything Irish, I even do Irish step dancing regularly!)
    4- Wall-e (SO cute! I LOVE his voice!)
    5- ALL the American Girl movies (I hope they do one on either Kaya or Kirsten!)