the story behind books for walls

The Four of Us began Books for Walls Project in April 2010 simply because wondered: can technology and books and libraries all get along? We've learned that they can be a match made in heaven, it just depends on your perspective.

Books for Walls Project
was created to
support literacy,
libraries, and
book love.

The Books for Walls Project is inspired by many lives 
woven together by 
books and stories.

The project began, as many stories do, with a man and a woman who fell in love.  In the beginning The Mom only had a few boxes of books and she shared them with The Dad who became a voracious reader later in life (back then he liked to read, now he loves to read).  The Big Sister and Little Sister have grown up in a house of full of books and learned to love books from day one.

While the world and technology spin wildly out in the big old world, we try to find moments of stillness wherever we are (and having a book in hand tends to slow things down).  The Books for Walls Project is an effort to learn about the world while talking about something we love: books.  All the while supporting literacy and libraries.

During the particularly long winter of 2009 we brainstormed about creating a blog or website where people could share their favorite books and stories. By springtime as the flowers began to bloom, so did our idea --and thankfully Books for Walls Project continues to grow and change.  

Through this experience we hope to learn more about why many of us keep books and what we think about these precious treasures.  We hope to share these stories.

Many people ask us "Why Books for Walls"? Good question, it leads to a story:

"Books for Walls" represents a grand idea of a life filled with books, so full that books line every wall of a home. Within these walls of books people gather to talk. Even though wildly different, the people gather, and share ideas, and poetry, about culture, about life, about...books. 

The Mom wanted to share that kind of experience with The Sisters, some people call that experience a "salon", we call that experience, home.

And while certainly there might be more obvious names for the project, Books for Walls is a little mysterious, and it fits, it is a story waiting to be told. 

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