25 January 2011

Sharing and Following

We've been asked a few times, "just how do I keep up with all the good stuff happening?" So we offer this is our handily little "How-to keep Up with The Books for Walls Project". Recently we held a vote asking our readers if it would be alright if we followed inspiration for Challenges, rather than posting every Wednesday --it was unanimous, we can post whenever! So be sure to sign up so that you don't miss a thing!

On Facebook and Twitter The Mom tries to keep up with Library trends and Literacy Information --who knew keeping up with Libraries and reading and books could be so time consuming and interesting! We make sure not to spend to much time on the computer so that we can keep up with reading all the amazing books out there. Please follow along and comment often, we love to hear from you!

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19 January 2011

Thank Heaven There's More Challenge

The Big Sister's all-time
favorite series, well, at
the moment.
There are some books like Wings by E.D. Baker that I wish could be the first in a series. (Just in case E.D. Baker is a fan of BFWP and reads my post today, "will you please write a sequel to Wings?") But we aren't going to talk about wishes, we are going to talk about sequels, trilogies, and series.

I (The Big Sister) invite you to participate in the Thank Heaven There's More Challenge by telling us about good books that part of a series, a trilogy or have a sequel. Don't be afraid to write a VERY long list (like me) and I will definitely come back to add more to my list of favorites!

We are in the middle of updating Covering the Globe and there are still a LOT of places that BFWP has not been, so please, share us with your friends. Happy Reading!

Please use the following format for your comment:
Title of the Series/Book, Author, and your thoughts on the Challenge.

The Big Sister reading a favorite in the
Enola Holmes Series!

Magic Tree House and
Geronimo Stilton
Gotta Love Mr. Putter
and Mercy Watson!
The Birchbark House
and The Rose Series

The Chronicles of Narnia!
(We all love these!)

05 January 2011

The "Do you have a New Year’s Book Resolution?" Challenge

We are back! 
It was nice to have a such a long break 
--and wow-- are we re-inspired, 
we hope you are too!

Enjoy the first Challenge of 2011 from The Bean:

The "Do you have a New Year’s Book Resolution?" Challenge 

My resolution is simple!  Because I am a very slow reader, I want to make sure that completing my Book Club's monthly choice does not interfere with other books I really want to read!
Turns out I found a Wikipedia site called “Slow Reading.” Like “Slow Food”, there is a reason and rhyme to the movement: “slow reading is the intentional reduction in the speed of reading, carried out to increase comprehension or pleasure.”  Ah, that mine was intentional!
Now, what’s your reading resolution or goal?  Happy Reading in 2011!