The Faces Behind the Books: Who We Are.

"Facts lead us to knowledge, stories lead us to wisdom."
Rachel Naomi Remen

The Books for Walls Project is a family of four living life in a house full of books, navigating this wild and wonderful world one story at a time.

Each of us found our own path to the library.  The Mom is what you’d call a bibliophile, her relationship with books began decades ago with an invitation from the children's librarian to story-time. The Mom readied herself for sacred story-time by taking off her shoes and socks –she’s been that comfortable with the library ever since. The Dad took a little coaxing, but once there he was pleasantly surprised “there were other dads, with kids!" The Sisters have grown up in the library they both learned how to write their names with a simple process in mind: to get a library card, a patron must sign the card. The librarians were eager to help the fledgling library lovers begin their own relationship with the library. 

At the library you’ll be met with the quiet of books, but you’ll also find community, free concerts, access to the Internet, movies and music. As if by magic, time slows down at the library, and if that is not enough, the library also comes with librarians and volunteers, many smiling, all ready to help you navigate the library and find your own way to enjoy.

Adapted from our "Real Story" at, an initiative of the American Library Association.