22 January 2013

What are You Reading RIGHT NOW? May 2012-January 2013

To participate in this challenge the first thing The Four of Us do is head our bookshelves, our Library Bookshelf in particular:
The Library Bookshelf is a MUST in home like ours. If we aren't reading a library book, this is where it lives. When it's Library Day (Thursday) we grab our library bags, library cards, grab the books that need to be returned
and then hit the library.
We're thinking Alex Johnson would get a kick out of our 
bookshelves. The Dad makes new shelves every 
time we need them: OFTEN; bookshelves literally fill our house. 
Want to tell us what is on YOUR bookshelf? 
Take The Bookshelf Challenge --one of our first challenges!

Coincidentally,  The Poet sent us this piece from NPR: A Book About Bookshelves To Put On Your Very Own Bookshelf. His timing was perfect, The Mom purchased Bookshelf by Alex Johnson for The Dad!  The shelves in the book are wild and wonderful, you can explore some of them on the Bookshelf blog and the NPR storyThe bookshelves around here are not exactly the artful masterpieces we imagine are featured in the book (it should arrive tomorrow); we wondered what Alex Johnson's own bookshelves were like. Thankfully Madhulika Sikka asked him this exact question:
So how does Johnson himself store books?
         "Ha, ha! Just as the cobbler's children have the shoddiest shoes, my bookshelves and bookcases are spectacularly dull and straightforward," he says. "Most of them are standard, horizontal wooden shelves painted white in the basement of the house where I work."

So, What are you Reading Right Now? 
Tell us in the comments below:

18 January 2013

Why Read? Quotes to Make It Clearer: put other stuff off and READ today...

"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow."
-Mark Twain