23 August 2013

Anna Karenin

I (The Mom) was told by a wonderful professor that I "must read Anna Karenina"over twenty years ago. That week I headed to John King Books* and picked up a 50 cent copy, well worn and
Anna Karenin or Mary Poppins
(you decide)
marginalia filled. 

And I began reading. About 20 pages in, gave up. And several times over the next dozen years tried again and again. But never made it past the first hundred pages, until 2003.

In 2003, pregnant with The Little Sister I tried again. And this time the words came to life. 

I was pulled from page to page, and thanks to a queasy first trimester, had a perfect excuse to read for hours, and hours, and give Tolstoy's masterpiece all of the time it deserved. 

I was rewarded in three ways:
One: I finished. And completely understood why my professor said I must read it, and yes, he was right. 

Two: The Big Sister decided that she wanted to read it too. Her sweet 3-year-old self carried that copy around in her backpack for months, pretending to read it

Three: When Little Sister was old enough to appreciate a good book she also got attached.  However, she thought Anna (see photo) looked like Mary Poppins and also carried around the well worn edition, even loaning it to her Nana (The Bean) to read, "the goooooood book." 
 While the girls are not ready to read Anna quite yet, techincally, they already love it. 

One day -if they can make it past page 20- I have a good feeling they will agree: Anna Karenina is a must read. (2018 update: The Big Sister loved it.)

Ways to enjoy Anna: 
*One of the most wonderful used book stores in the world! Favorite location: Woodward Avenue in Ferndale, wish they had one in Northern Michigan. Check it out online: John King Books