08 June 2010

Introducing: The Poet

There are several reasons The Books for Walls Project came into being. One of the biggest is inspiration. That inspiration is thanks in many ways to John Daniels, known at Books for Walls as The Poet.  His ability to share stories and write poetry are gifts, gifts that we feel lucky that he shares with us at BFW! Take a moment to read the original Books for  Walls Poemclick here. And to watch the story of how the inspiration grew, click here. Join us in thanking The Poet for all the inspiration!

Favorite Book: Bible
Favorite Poem: “As Kingfishers Catch Fire”, Gerard Manley Hopkins (for more click here) or perhaps “Prairies” by Emily Dickinson (click to read)
Favorite Genre: Mystic Theology
Favorite Author: C.S. Lewis (click for more there are so many C. S. Lewis websites so we share the Wiki a good starting point!)
Favorite Place: Wherever I AM.
Favorite Restaurant: Home; I’m too cheap.
Favorite Food: Bread
Favorite Color: The eastern sky an hour before dawn
Favorite Tree: Whichever I’m looking at
Musical Instrument: Piano
Favorite Pastime: Riding my bike in the early morning
Hobbies: Woodworking, Writing, Music, Deep films, Reading
Favorite Movie: The Five Senses (click for more)
Favorite Time of Day: Pre-dawn
Favorite Quote: “Honey, please stop working and just relax!”

What I like about the Books for Walls Project: Booksforwalls calls us to remember how much of us has come from this gift we ignore or avoid.
Why I want to be a Regular Contributor:  At my age, being irregular has its complications.
Some of my ideas/suggestions/thought/hopes for the Project:  Persist.
My Favorite BFW's Challenge so farThe Bookshelf Challenge

Please add anything you would like the world of BFW's readers to know about YOU:
My blog shares what comes from my heart www.freelemonadestand.blogspot.com
My website shares what comes from my hands www.lignumsacrumwoodworking.com

Today is the last day to vote in the poll.  Please take a moment and vote!  Thanks!


  1. The Little Sister and I wanted to say that the Poet is also our Grampa. We call him Bapa. We L-O-V-E when he reads us Calvin and Hobbes because he does silly voices! And we LOVE the bread he makes, "especially the PLUM" says Little Sister.

  2. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Nice! Thank you for sharing this interview and inspiring poetry