11 June 2010

Lemurs on the Loose in the Library/UPDATED: Welcome Baby Kintana

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When we set Goal #3, to learn about reading on Madagascar, this is not what we expected!  It seems some lemurs, named Berisades and Ivy, escaped from Duke University and were found... at the library! (Click on the picture of the lemurs to watch the video.)

UPDATE:  The Poet just sent us an article from the Detroit Free Press.  The Detroit Zoo introduced a baby lemur named Kintana, which means Star in Malagasy .  Read the full article, click here.  We are learning about how zoo's can help, and harm, the efforts to save species from extinction.  We cannot imagine a world without lemurs, can you?
Welcome to the world
baby Kintana!

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  1. I thought it was funny to see a couple of lemurs in the library!