18 June 2010

Better than books? Maybe!

Is there anything better than books.. Our answer is yes.  We think food --good food-- can be better than books.  

What exactly is good food?  

We begin here:
Early evening, summer breeze, seed starts decorate freshly tilled soil, toddlers toddling, cameras clicking, children swarm the play structure,  picnic tables covered in cloth, generations mingling, dogs waiting, and everyone eating, planting, sharing --all together in a garden-- surrounded by Ware Farm.  
Ware Farm is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and Organic Farm and all of us pot-luckers and Children's Garden planters are share holders in this summer's bounty.  

This week's highlight is strawberries, the loveliest strawberries I can recall. There is not a child in sight without a juice stained chin and all are happy and fed, a perfect trifecta: belly, heart, and soul.

Ok, now, back to books.  

Last week Michael Pollen wrote "The Food Movement, Rising" for the New York Review of Books.  The five books he lists at the beginning of the article, and the article itself, explain why we were gathered to plant a garden and feast on still-warm-from-the-sun-strawberries at a farm that many of us simply, love. We gathered to share food and support our farmers.

Read the full article, click here.

For more on summer inspired eating and cooking and reading check out To Market, To Market: 10 Top Summer Cookbooks at National Public Radio (NPR), click here.

Have you ever picked strawberries and do you want to? They are ripe and ready for picking! Contact our friends at Ware Farm if you happen to be lucky enough to live nearby, otherwise to find a CSA or a Farmer's Market in the USA, click here.  We couldn't find a resource for Farmer's Markets and CSA's worldwide --let us know if you have a tip!

Have a great weekend enjoy cooking, eating and of course, reading!


  1. Food and books are the best combination for me.

    Have you considered a food book challenge? I have a big list of My favorite children's books with food and I'm always trying to find more to add in the comments or maybe get enough additions to make a new post worthwhile.

  2. Welcome Maggie! We do have a "food in books challenge" in the works --we were inspired by a Little House on the Prairie Cookbook... watch for it in the next couple of months! And how did you get that link into your post, very cool ;) We will check out your list.