29 December 2011

Best of BFWP: The Favorite Character Challenge

(We're continuing our Best of Books for Walls Project as we get things lined up for the new year!!))

This week's challenge is from me, The Little Sister (Mom is typing for me.) Yesterday while we were swinging on the swings I thought of it! I want to know some of your Favorite Characters from books. 

We thought of so many. Big Sister and I looked for pictures with Mom to show you some of our favorites! Mom always reads Jamie O'Rourke with an Irish Brogue and she never gets tired of reading it.  I wish Tomie dePaola wrote more books about Jamie and Eileen -we didn't like the one about the Pooka as much.

One of my Big Sister's Favorite Characters is Enola Holmes. 

This cover image of "The Left Handed Lady" is from the Portuguese version of "O Caso da Senhorita Canhota", which translates "Miss Left Handed." We thought it was funny how titles don't always translate the same!

Tell us a favorite character. 

Please use the following format for your comment:

Title of Book, Author, the name of your Favorite Character and what you like (or don't like) about them.

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