19 June 2012

The Mash Ups (and Sequels) Challenge

Give it your best shot: 
get silly with the title, 
create a sequel,
make up a new book 
--title and description-- 
with a twist or two!

We came up with a couple to get you started:

Eat Pray Love (On a budget) 
by Rick Steves 
A sequel to Eat Pray Love, a guide on how to 
have all of Elizabeth Gilbert's adventures.. on a budget. Written by the
champion of cheap travel, Rick Steves himself.

Getting to Aslan's Country: My Life After Narnia
by Lucy Pevensie
Lucy Pevensie answers all of your burning questions about life
after life in Narnia. Everything you ever wanted to know
about Aslan and his grand country Lucy
reveals as "The Chronicles Continue".
Next in the Series: Edmund in Real Life: How I Dealt with
an Evil Queen
by Edmund Pevensie

Here's a tip: grab a favorite book and imagine what else you'd like to learn about the subject --or change the perspective... have FUN!!

Add your ideas in the comments below.