18 April 2014

Library Love Stories and BFWP's Top Ten Reasons We Love Our Library

This week is  National Library Week (April 13-19, 2013) so we were thinking about why we love our library.  We'll give you our top ten and an invitation to tell us your library love stories.  

Learn more: http://atyourlibrary.org/national-library-week
Why We Love Our Library* --The Top Ten (and believe us there are many more!)
  1. Our librarians know us by name and they are the best in the WORLD.
  2. They don't hold it against us when we check out our limit (40 books per person that's 160 total and we have maxed out.)
  3. "The library is nice and Quiet." (The Dad)
  4. Two words: Interlibrary Loan.  Book from Ohio, no problem, oh and no charge.
  5. There is always a book I wasn't expecting just waiting, for me. (The Mom)
  6. During flu season, I've watched as they carefully wipe down books and stand them on their spines in a row to dry, so lovely, like little inspiration soldiers all ready to get back to the field.
  7. "Has all the books we like and great owners." (The Little Sister)
  8. The entire catalog is online so we can browse and hold books anytime of the day, the Mom is known to do her best browsing late night.
  9. "So many great books that you can borrow for free." (The Big Sister)
  10. They email us three days before the books are overdue... so we can just go online and renew them (up to SIX times!)
(* We consider "our" library to be Interlochen Library, but it is part of the Traverse Area District Library --and without their Woodmere Branch and its amazing selection, we would have to Interlibrary Loan a bit more!)

Feel free to share any library love stories or tell us about your favorite library in the Comments below.  

This is an updated reprint from the BFWP Vault.