17 August 2010

A milestone:

Late last night we reached 10,000 hits.
Books for Walls Project began using Google Analytics three weeks into the project, so if we want to be technical, push those numbers up way over 10,000!

Ohh, we've had fun with all the Google Analytic's graphs... watching the peaks when we were featured on Interlochen Public Radio (listen here if you haven't already) and interviewed by the Northern Express (read the article here) all that publicity in the beginning sure helped give us a good start. That one BIG peak back in May was when we introduced The Dreamer. And then watching as we evened out thanks to all our regular readers spreading the Books for Walls word. We will be back to our regular schedule soon we have just about gotten our fill of summer break -another benefit of home schooling is we get to decide when we head back to school! Tell us about what you have been reading this summer, take a challenge!

Stay tuned and continue to share us with the world and help us make it to 10,000 visitors soon!

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