13 May 2010

Follow an Astronaut, Schedule a Read-In, Tell us a Story

Counting Down!  Tomorrow the Astronaut we are following, Garrett Reisman, is scheduled to launch at 2pm on the Space Shuttle Atlantis.  For all the latest click here and for the official NASA Countdown 101, click here.

Artwork by Jon J. Muth, we LOVE his work,
have you read Zen Shorts?  Learn more
and for inspiration, click here.
In honor of Children's Book Week and because it's a rainy day here in Northern Michigan we are having a "Read-In" this afternoon.  What is a Read-In?  We aren't sure of the official definition, but we are going to grab stacks and stacks of the Sister's books and snacks and blankets and tea and then read until we are through the pile, and then repeat.  We are hoping for some good thunder and lightening!

Have you taken this week's Challenge?  Imagine yourself in Antarctica for months and months, what books would you want on hand to read?  Tell us, click here.

Did you know that one of our goals is to learn about reading and libraries all over the world?  If you know of a particularly wonderful library or of a remote library some magical place, help us get there --connect us, share us or tell us a story about the library at Library Love Stories.

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  1. I LOVE Zen Shorts--the illustration alone is absolutely delicious! I bought this book for Jack & Ab a few years back & so enjoy finding it on their shelf & reading (but mostly admiring the beautiful artwork!) I would love to spend all afternoon, on this rainy, rainy spring day, at your Read-In! Sip some tea for me!