22 April 2010

The Librarian and the Astronaut

On Tuesday, the Space Shuttle Discovery landed; which is a lovely thing to watch whether it was the first time or the 30th.  While learning all about the current mission we found this wonderful story.  We're calling it "The Librarian and The Astronaut!"

Watch the following clip (at about 4:02) you'll hear pilot Jim Dutton explain who helped him to launch his dreams of becoming an astronaut.  Also in the clip are Commander Alan Poindexter, Specialists Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger and Stephanie Wilson!

Since Jim Dutton talked about having dreams and goals, we will too!  Introducing... Astronaut Inspired Books for Walls Project Goals:  
  • One:   we have a question or two about books and reading up there in space and we'd like to ask an astronaut in person (or via email.)
  • Two:   an astronaut from the International Space Station to take a challenge while orbiting our lovely planet.
To work toward our goals we'll be following Garrett Reisman and the crew of the Atlantis on their next Mission STS-132 set to launch in May.  Know any astronauts or followers of the Space Station?  Share the Books for Walls Project with them.  And help us reach our goal!!

We'll update you as we learn more!  For More Inspiration:  

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