26 April 2010

What's Happening!

Last Week's Highlights and What's Coming Up This Week at the Books for Walls Project:

  • This weekend the Mom and the Big Sister did a lot of work on the site.  We found new ways of posting, sharing and worked on our video (whoops there was edit --the Big Sister was frustrated that we cannot just upload an edited version to Youtube in place of the old version, but we realized that's a pretty important Youtube feature, so that folks cannot misrepresent videos.)  Check out the latest edit of our video.
  • Thanks to ALL who shared their books and stories.  Read all of the new comments and add your own!  Remember you can take challenges more than once!  
  • Coming Wednesday our newest Challenge, this week from the Dad.
  • While we said we would announce the answer to the Haiku Riddle today. We just voted at breakfast and decided to leave it open, why not?  If you are dying to know the answer, email us an we will tell you!
  • Only 4 days left to vote in the poll --cast your vote!
  • Announcing: in the next couple of weeks we'll be introducing you to some of our newest Regular Contributors --we'll post their Bio's soon! I bet by now you  may recognize some of our regulars!

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