27 April 2010

Face to Face w/ Erin Crowell

Yesterday we had a visit with Erin from the Northern Express, she interviewed us for the issue coming out May 3rd.  The Big and Little Sister are getting very good at interviews.

Our Face to Face was a quick one, but we learned a few things about Erin:
  • The Dog loves her and didn't want to leave her alone --thankfully though we learned that she is a dog lover.
  • She has a great smile.
  • We like the way she asks questions.
  • She like all the writing on our walls.
  • The Little Sister and Big Sister agree that she is the fastest writer they have even witnessed, "she can write faster than we can talk."
  • She plays basketball.
  • Her favorite book is The Life of Pi by Yann Martel.
  • We cannot wait to read the article and more of her work.
  • We all think its pretty cool that she works full time for such a great paper --we read it every week.
  • Erin is welcome back anytime for another tea party!
If you are interested in Yann Martel's latest book Beatrice and Virgil --you may want to take the time to read the New York Time Book Review.  Beatrice and Virgil is not on any of our lists at the moment, haven't gotten one good word --if you've read it, let us know what you think!

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