08 April 2010

Face to Face w/ Diane Rehm: I asked for a book, she told me a story

Dear Readers,

Yesterday you may have noticed that Diane Rehm was not on the air.  She was in Traverse City, Michigan.  The Bean and I were there to see her.

There was a microphone and an invitation to ask questions.  And I, The Mom, got up the nerve to gush --all over-- Diane Rehm.  Heart pounding, palms sweating, I talked face to face (albeit separated by a balcony and a sea of people) with Diane Rehm.

And then I asked her a question, for The Big Sister and The Little Sister.  I put her to this week's challenge and I asked about her favorite book as a child.  

And do you know what she said?  Diane Rehm grew up in a house with no books.  She grew up in a house where girls didn't expect education.  Diane Rehm didn't read a full book until she was 21.  And then she went on to tell us the whole story.  

When she finished she actually apologized for not answering my question,  what a woman.  To me, she did one better, she told me her story!  

(Listen entire story here: The Mom... and Diane Rehm.)


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