12 April 2010

What's Happening!

Yesterday the girls woke to a whole bunch of new countries on the map --this morning, they could barely wait for the computer to boot up.   Unfortunately, the map didn't update --hmmm.  Whoops, we just checked it too early --only two Continents to go!! Sunday Big Sister learned to embed Youtube video --check out the nice little movie widget down on the left!  We were all giddy to listen to the Mom get all choked up gushing over Diane Rehm --worth a listen, her story is very inspiring (click here the Q & A is in part 2.)

In honor of National Poetry Month we are getting a new challenge ready... think Haiku, we'll announce the challenge on Wednesday.  For now, the Little Sister wants to know your favorite childhood book (click here and tell us!)   We love reading all of the comments, thank you.   Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is one of our favorites, great especially if you are getting ready to plant your garden!   Stones from the River is now on the Mom's booklist and we are heading to our favorite little library later to pick up Trumpet of the Swan.  We can't wait to read more of your comments!

As of Saturday: Welcome New Zealand, Finland, Spain and RomaniaCountry Count: 11, State Count: 21.

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