17 May 2010

Antarctica's Library at McMurdo Station

Current temperature at the Library:
 -26 F, chilly!
For the past couple of weeks we've been communicating via email with Marika our BFWP Antarctica connection. In these emails we ask questions and wonderful Marika sends answers.  The Little Sister wanted to know if there was ice skating at Mc Murdo Station, here is the answer:
"Dear Little Sister:  Sadly, there is no ice skating here, but it is because it would take a lot of effort and machinery to make a good, flat skating pond.  Also, I don't think anyone has any skates down here.  However, we have other fun things to do, like cross country and downhill skiing and sledding, with lots of equipment and skis and poles you can check out from the gear issue space.  And, believe it or not, some folks are getting together to make a curling rink, so if that looks good, maybe we can just shoe-skate on that rink?  I'll report back to you!" 
OK, so no ice skating but curling, maybe there can be an Antarctican on the USA Curling Team for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Our Big News:  
Photos of the Mc Murdo Station Library
thanks to Marika for taking them for us!  
We are thoroughly impressed!!
Very inviting, we love the... is that a dragon or a bird?
The Mom is curious about the plants, real or fake?
The Sisters are wondering if this is a really puffy coat or
if napping is allowed at the library...
We need to know more about this photo --we're wondering if
Marika realized she caught a library fairy in the shot...
More importantly, are there a lot of fairies (or are they angels)
on Antarctica?

Now, imagine what titles you'd like to see in this lovely library then click here and take the On Ice in Antarctica Challenge.


  1. Hello to the bottom of the world! I maintain a blog about all of the libraries I've visited, and while I have no expectation of visiting the McMurdo library, I did put a link to your site in a recent blog post about libraries being found everywhere. You're welcome to have a look at www.libraryvisitsproject.blogspot.com, if you wish. All visitors are welcome!

    1. Awesome Ellen! Great to hear from you... isn't it amazing that there is a library on Antarctica?! Enjoy your travels!

  2. Hello, I am a published author and playwright. Recently saw a play about McMurdo Station written by Mat Smart and was wondering about your library. How do you keep your shelves stocked and how often do you get new books? Darrell Bartell, Fort Worth, Texas

    1. Great to hear from you Darrell, you are not the first person to contact us with questions about McMurdo Library.

      Unfortunately, we do not have the latest on the library at McMurdo, but we will add it to our follow up stories. Send your contact info we'll share any info we find in our research.

      And now we're going to go read about and/or try to get our hand on a copy of the play, we're intrigued!


      Send us contact your info to: info(at)booksforwallsproject(dot)org