22 May 2010

The Week's Highlights -the LONG post!

Saturday morning The Mom wakes up a little earlier than usual to put together the Highlights from the week --And this week we had some very cool highlights:

Books in Space!  Well its not a novel, its a notebook that Mission Specialist Piers Sellers has strapped to his leg (far left, his hand is touching the notebook.)  In an interview with CNN he explained that he carries to refer to. Learn more about Piers Sellers, click here.
The Rock and Roll Hall of fame is on the What's Going Up List (click here to read more.)  For a great interview with Garrett Reisman (who we are following!) go to the Rock Hall's Blog, click here.

We also learned that Space has a smell, its smells like electricity --according to the astronauts up there on Mission STS-132 and their daily home videos!

On Monday we offered exclusive photos of the library on Antarctic at Mc Murdo Station --we were pretty happy to learn about the habits of readers on that big cold continent (did you know that Antarctica is a desert?)  Click here for the library photos and exactly how Antarctica is a desert!  And thanks again to Marika, our friend way down there!

This week we introduced The Writer, Tracey Kukla-Aleshire to read more about her and our newest Regular Contributors, click here.  We have more introductions coming --if you want to become a Regular Contributor, email us.

And before you get to the comments, one last thing:  The Dreamer is our go to girl for getting the Books for Walls Project out in the world.  She helped us get motivated to start a Twittering, we took a vote and we all agreed that it could be fun --so follow us https://twitter.com/booksforwalls.

Now, enjoy your comments.  And thank you for being a part of the Books for Walls Project! 

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The Four of Us said...
The Complete Practical Guide to Gardening with Annuals, Bulbs and Perennials 
by Richard Bird and Kathy Brown

today we gardened
inspired in the plant world
this book helped a lot.

The Sisters and the Mom worked on this one... after gardening and catching this years first toad!
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Kathy Daniels said...
Books to leave for others at the McMurdo Station…hhhhmmm…three come to mind after much pondering.

All Saints by Robert Ellsberg, is my first choice, like jolylynbarrett. A dear Jesuit friend said he gives this treasured book as a Christmas gift. Folks from all faiths, cultures, and ranks are highlighted as “Witnesses for Our Times” with quotes, a brief history and reflection. Truly inspiring reading for meditation as well as learning!

Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace One School at a Time by Greg Mortenson who is a real-life Indiana Jones character with a humanitarian goal in Taliban territory is my second. 

Mortenson’s quest for meaning, mission, as well as adventure might mirror and inspire the McMurdo Crew. The book would be a great read to discuss.

The Oxford Concise English Dictionary with all the amazing word etymologies is my third choice. Great for word comprehension and for those long scrabble games on a snowy winter’s eve. 

Kudos to Marika and the whole McMurdo Crew!
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Anela said...
Harry potter and the Half Blood Prince by JK Rowling

I couldnt believe this one! I mean all the other movies were fine but really? It may not be nearly as bad as the LIGHTNING THEIF which I adored the book, but still... There was no lead up for the next movie! I mean the book was great but there were intricate plots tied around that book that made things in the deathly Hallows possible. I love the actors but without a good director everything falls to pieces!!!!

The Big Sister said...
Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

I liked the movie a little more than the book --I like Anne Hathaway and she did a good job as the part of Ella. After I watched the movie I read the book and I could tell the movie did a good job catching important parts of the book. I suggest the book and the movie whole-heartedly.

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The Mom said...
Thank you Big Sister for this fantastic idea --we needed a place to shout from the roof tops about good books! It's a good follow up to The What are you Reading RIGHT NOW challenge too --since my REALLY REALLY REALLY good book is one listed there!

The Dreamer by Pam Munoz Ryan and Peter Sis

What got me to pick this book up was the offer of insight into Pablo Neruda's Childhood. Between the simple prose and pointillistic illustrations I was easily swept into Neftali (Neruda's) childhood and found myself seeking out the poetry of nature, noticing the color of the sky, the leaves as they unfold...

While this is a young adult title, it is a balanced book of history, poetry, and inspiration for any age.

jolynbarrett said...
Grandmothers Counsel the World by Carol Schaefer

A few years ago, The Mom recommended this book to me so I picked it up and read it and recommended it and passed it around and bought copies to give people and reread it more than once.

It is a collection of the wisdom of 13 indigenous "grandmothers" - women elders from tribes around the world - who came together, without knowing one another, yet fulfilling an ancient prophecy. As they shared their stories and their insights with one another and with me, I got a profound sense of the underlying unity and community permeating all of creation, and of my participation in and responsibility toward it. Though the focus is, understandably, on the role of woman, this is a message for all of humankind. This is a REALLY REALLY REALLY good book

The Big Sister and The Little Sister said...
The Princess Plot (aka Skogland, in its original German) by Kirsten Boie --we found her website, but its in German, so you might need to translate! (www.kirsten-boie.de) The Sister's have listened to the book on tape, here is what they have to say about it:

The Little Sister likes it because "its kind of adult humor --that I like, in French I think it would be funny. If you like dogs there are dogs. She acts like a princess but she's really not!"

The Big Sister says, "it is exciting, it's REALLY good, it's in a make believe place in modern times. The plot hooks you, you get sucked into it and then all of the sudden its over. And I have to read it again!!"

The Big Sister said...
by E. D. Baker

A fairy tale set in modern times about a girl who has always been different and in the book she realizes why. Some of the background is Midsummer Night's Dream characters Titania and Oberon and a whole lot of mythical creatures! I like it so much that as soon as we finished it, I had to read it again --in one day I am already on Chapter 5.

You can read the first chapter here www.edbakerbooks.com/wingsfront.htm

Margie said...
The Three Questions
Jon J. Muth

There are times when I'm having a tough day...that I've found myself in the children's book section of the library or a bookstore and I feel great comfort by letting my eyes wander over the titles. I picked this book up one day and it changed my life! 

It's a book for children and adults and asks three important questions...and the questions are ANSWERED!

I dearly love this book and I love giving it as a gift...to children AND especially adults.

Tracey said...
Family Matters
By Rohinton Mistry

This book is about aging, regrets, compassion, and how at times, despite our sincerest efforts, history can repeat itself. Set in India, Mistry delicatly unfolds this family story in a way that is so touching I didn't want it to end.

The true sign of an amazing book is when you are sad to realize that you only have one chapter left.  Find it at a library near you, click here.

windcatcher said...
There are soooooooo many wonderful books i've read. hmmmm. one i really like:
Walk Two Moons 
by Sharon Creech

in this book the main charecter, Salamancea, notices the little things about people. it involves a wise old woman, an over-reactive freind and Sal's Gram who is always saying huzza,huzza. this book gave me a laugh.  Click here for more.

Anonymous said...
Red Pyramid
Rick Riordan
It was more than awesome! It connects the real world to egyptian mythology(which is my favorite subject) while also using real places real history and just spicing it up. it kept me on my toes the whole book and I can't wait for the next one! It was funny, suspenseful, with things that people can relate to like losing a family member or being separated from a sibling but made them seem like signs for cool things you could never imagine! While also being smpathetic and making them seem real. Rick Riordan never ceases to amaze me!

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Have a great weekend! 

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