15 August 2011

A Parade of Bookish Cats and... The Cat has a Name

First we must thank everyone, The Literary Kitty Challenge provided endless inspiration. In fact we see that Cats and Libraries have long been connected, it seems our research is just beginning. And now when we visit libraries we have an additional question: Does your library have any cats?
Second, we have a name! Heavily influenced by Lakeside Shakespeare and going a bit further than T.S. Elliot's suggestion, "a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES" we give you The Cat's full name: 
Joseph Campbell 
(Her original owners, musicians Seth and May Bernard, thought her a boy and well, we didn't want to deny her --she does have a Joseph Campbell-y contemplative side.)

Last but not least, your photos! Thank you all, we had no idea how wonderful becoming cat lovers would be. Our laps will always be warm as we read and our hearts will always be connected to the world of Bookish Cats:

Mick and Monte loved The Black Cat Book as kittens. Photo credit: Robin K. Blum

Now they're older and have moved onto the bookshelves!
(Mick in red, Monte in blue)

Photo Credit: Robin K. Blum
Need a bookmark? Click this link to see what Monte and Mick use!

Allie reads anything she can get her paws on! Photo credit: Shanta Dickerson

Natty the Bookworm, reading one of her owner's favorite
books The Tender Bar by J.R. Moehringer
Photo Credit: Maureen
It seems we are not the only book lovers who name their cats after Shakepseare!
Meet Iago, 2nd name Darth Little, 3rd name only he knows (read The Naming of Cats)
Here reading his favorite author: Stephen King.

Iago, brushing up on politics.

Iago, doing a little fact checking.

Iago, reading to the youngsters.
(Hippolyta would love to join him for story time.)

Iago, studying foreign language.
Photo credit for the "Iago Series": Phillip Kwik and Colleen Gilginas
Dewey The Library Cat 
Thanks to The Bean for mentioning Dewey we learned all about him and his book, quite a legacy! Is there a Cat at your Library? Click this link and learn about Library Cats all over the world!  
Our final bookish cat napping on The Mom's Bookshelf...
Hippolyta Hermia Helena Joseph Campbell Banquo MacDuff

Do you have a Bookish Cat? Send us a photo to info@booksforwallsproject.org, via Facebook or Twitter and tell us how to credit the photo! 

Be sure to take This Week's Challenge, 
why not take a whole bunch while you're at it!


  1. Right Now, The Sisters are listening to The Penderwicks on Gardam Street with The Cat aka Hippolyta. Ahhhh, audio books and summertime!

  2. This is great! I don't have a bookish cat (unfortunately), but I do believe in giving my pets multiple names (they deserve it!) Currently, I have a blue otter miniture lop bunny and his name is "Sir Orin Phil Jefferson Gazebo the First" (or "Ori" for short!)