02 August 2011

Troy Public Library Wins the Millage Election, read the latest news!

The Sisters are tucked into their beds with BIG SMILES!

Troy Public Library will remain open 
--the YES vote wins the election. 

Read the latest news from (we'll continually update these links!)
We cannot wait to visit Troy Library and celebrate, see you in September!!
The Mom and The Sisters with Troy Library Director, Cathy Russ
and Head of Public Services, Phillip Kwik
Celebrate with us... 
go out and USE your favorite library 
and tell them The Books for Walls Project sent you!

Happy Reading!


  1. BFW’s, your POSITIVE involvement helped with that 8% margin! Troy Library’s victory to me was a relatively narrow win.

    Thank Goodness Troy Library won! And thank God for BFW’s, folks like the Yashinsky Family, and all library folks & supporters who believe in the value of learning and the justice of access.

    “We have too many high sounding words, and too few actions that correspond with them.” Abigail Adams

  2. Wonderful news! All the hard work of the supporters of this millage paid off. There needs to be recognition of the tax payers who showed their appreciation of the great services their public library offers to their community by voting YES.

  3. What happens next? Read more!

    Troy Library Starts Planning for Future
    City and library administration begin preparing a long-term budget that will go before City Council for approval.

    "Russ said she has been taking some immediate steps to "get the library machine back into action," such as ordering materials and working to reinstate the library's participation in the Michigan eLibrary Catalog and Resource Sharing System. The system allows Troy residents to share materials at other participating libraries in the area.

    The Troy library removed was from the system in May when the library was originally scheduled to close its doors. Reinstatement has been on hold, pending results of Tuesday's election. Russ said she hopes to have the system reinstated by the end of the month.

    Additional changes, such as hiring staff to fill vacant positions, restarting programs and services that have been put on hold, and the purchase of major equipment and materials will be determined this year's updated budget, as well as the library's long-term budget.

    "Everything else flows from there," Russ said about the budget and future plans."

    Hurray for Libraries!!