29 August 2011

Writing Stories: 10 Things You Know to Be True

This week the Four of Us have another assignment. This week a story assignment. (Now would be a good time to grab your journal and a pen. No journal? that's okay, just grab something to write on.)
Step into a library.

Look at all those books.

I   M   A   G   I   N   E

Each book represents 
a person's story.

This week we invite you to find your story.

We'll take it 
Step ONE:
Look around you.
Think about your life for a quick moment (or a long moment).

Step TWO:
Answer this Question:
What do you know to be true?

Write a list of ten things 
that you know 
to be true.
If you feel inclined, feel free to share in the comments below --but feel free to keep your list all to yourself.


  1. 1. I married my soul mate 15 years ago, today.

    2. There is a big dusty box fan blocking my view of my garden.

    3. I love drinking hot tea, even when it is 90 degrees outside (and humid).

    4. We are getting a cat.

    5. My printer is out of ink, but it won't let me scan --it doesn't need ink to scan --I am frustrated.

    6. Yesterday I held a toad and for the first time I wasn't scared --I liked holding the toad.

    7. I am scared of the dark, but not as scared as I was when I was little.

    8. I live in a house in the woods with my three best friends.

    9. I stopped wearing gardening gloves, I like the way dirt feels in my hands.

    10. In 3 days I will be 40.

  2. 1. I am totally safe in andrew's love.
    2. Cats are my soul (happy the BFW family are getting one)
    3. I love organizing things & setting up work systems
    4. I must read every day
    5. I work best alone
    6. my life is far better with fluffies in it
    7. I'll drink at least 1 coffee every day regardless of how hot the day is.
    8. My possessions don't own me.
    9. I am bossy
    10. Animals are sentinent beings.

  3. Anonymous9:43 AM

    1. It's HOT!

    2. I like holding toads and naming them.

    3. I like to take pictures of flowers.

    4. My favorites bugs are butterflies and bumblebees.

    5. I know my dog is very cute!

    6. I like to spy.

    7. In front of my house is a silly fence, on the fence there are spy holes.

    8. When I wake up every morning I hear birds singing, because I live in the woods.

    9. I like to watch flowers blooming, because I like to see flowers blooming... I plant the flowers!

    10. I know I like stuffed animals, a lot of them, because my mom says almost everyday that I have too many stuffed animals.

  4. Barbara4:45 PM

    "Each book represents a person's story."
    Saturday Sancocho

    Listening to Crickets a Story about Rachel Carson
    Zlata's Diary a Child's Life in Sarjevo
    Under the Sun a Novel Based on True Stories of Survival During War
    Return to Sender
    Bud, Not Buddy
    My Indian Boyhood
    Local News Stories
    The Education of Little Tree
    The New Cool a Visionary Teacher,His FIRST Robotics Team, and the Ultimate Battle of Smarts

  5. 1. It's Hot
    2. We LOVE to read.
    3. The library is wonderful.
    4. There is never enough time to read all the books we want!
    5. The Books for Walls Project makes us smile.
    6. The Little Sister is learning to read.
    7. The Big Sister LOVES books on tape.
    8. The Mom and The Dad love reading to the Sisters.
    9. Summertime is a good time to sit and read a book on the beach.
    10. We would love to hear from you!

  6. 1. Today is the most perfect sort of day--breezy, sunny, bright, white, puffy clouds bounding through the sky & it's Sunday.
    2. I love gardening heirloom tomatoes.
    3. My dog IS the cutest being ever on four legs.
    4. Without music I would wilt.
    5. If it weren't for words & what they mean, I might never have made it this far through life.
    6. I love the colors purple, indigo, midnight blue & violet... deep hues make me feel MOST alive.
    7. I love winter & summer equally.
    8. I would rather drive a manual transmission, but for the first time in my life I don't have one & it makes me a little sad.
    9. I still have Hope for 2012.
    10. I need to take more time for things like BFW challenges, library visits, painting in slow strokes, and bicycle rides. NOW, not later...

  7. I like the sounds of this!
    10 Things I know to be true...

    1. I LOVE the rain
    2. I am a very creative person
    3. Movies and books are two of my favorite things
    4. I could never live in a place that was not close to water or the beach
    5. Chocolate is a universal cure
    6. Soap Operas are NOT realistic
    7. Laughter is one of the best sounds in the world
    8. Writing is the best therapy
    9. Most things are dualistic, possessing both their blessings and their curses
    10. the greatest pursuit in life is love (all kinds of love)