09 September 2010

Library Thursday: What does reading mean to you?

Yesterday was International Literacy Day. The Four of Us are big readers, huge readers, we LOVE reading. In honor of the day each of spent a moment thinking about how our lives would be different if reading was not a part of it -if we could not read.

Take a moment and do the same: what would your life be like if you couldn't read? Now can you imagine the nearly 800 million adults worldwide who cannot. 

If you feel an urge to help:
  • Check out Room to Read.
  • The Big Sister, The Bean and The Mom got to meet Greg Mortenson in 2008 (he is an amazing person!) check out the work he continues at the Central Asia Institute.
  • Clean off your bookshelves and donate books to a worthy cause.
  • Go to the Library and use it.
  • Read to a child.
  • Read to yourself, read and be grateful!
  • Ideas? Share them :)
Want More? Jenny Engstrom at the New York Public Library wrote a great piece on International Literacy Day that ties in nicely with the first days back to school. 


  1. The idea of not being able to read made this Mom cry.

    I immediately thought of the hours and hours (days, weeks?) of cuddling with my children reading aloud to them.

    My world would feel very empty without precious reading time with my girls.

  2. If I couldn't read I don't know what I would do, I would just sit there...

    I am more capable of doing things because I can read.

    Life is so much better since I can read!

  3. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Typed by The Mom:

    Well I am not sad because I can't read, because I am learning and it is not bad that I can't read because everyone reads to me!

    Here is how I feel about starting to read, "yippity yahoo!"

  4. I have another suggestion for what you can do but, since I am an inept web user at best, I didn't know how to get a link to the "clicktogive" sites on to this space. So I sent The Mom an e-card from The Literacy Site and I'll watch to see what happens.

  5. This is a link to the website that The Teacher suggested! The Literacy Site "Click to Give" Very cool campaign --they are connected with Room to Read as well!

    Thank you Teacher!

  6. Thank you! While you're there, you could also click to donate free to all the other sites listed in the tabs at the top: animal rescue, rainforest, breast cancer, etc.

    Every little click counts!

  7. I can imagine not being able to read but it is too dark and lonely...

    My daughter became a nimble reader last year and learned to ride a bike without training wheels this summer. I told her that with those two skills her mind and her body will always be free to roam.