16 September 2010

Library Thursday: Elizabeth Gilbert

Are you an Eat, Pray, Love fan? Did you know that the first word author Elizabeth Gilbert ever read was the word "red"? How about that her first two books were written in the New York Public Library?

And guess what? She is a HUGE fan of the library!!

To Elizabeth Gilbert The Books for Walls Project says, "Bravo!"

Thank you to the American Library Association for this great video!


  1. and BRAVO! another delightful snippet into the life of a woman I admire greatly. Thank you BFW for sharing this. I love the library too! I feel like The Books for Walls Project is like a special kind of library-fan commune where no matter where we live or what we read or what sorts of amazing words we most prefer to check out, think about, be inspired by, or what have you; we can share & learn & read the reviews about & discover anew... all the while collaborating in a community of like-minded-folk (like-minded in the affinity for loving reading and books and talking about them)... I love libraries & I love The Books For Walls Project. Thank you!

  2. We LOVE you too, Dreamer Jenn!

    Its neat to know how Elizabeth Gilbert moved from being a new writer, writing away at the library to being best-selling author --with a movie, starring Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem... but still inspiring people at every turn!

    Hurray for inspiration!