21 September 2010

Happy Last Day of Summer!

We have a tradition on the last day of summer --no matter the weather--  a swim in Crystal Lake.

Before our swim we had lunch at Phoenix Cafe with a cast of characters which included 3 out of 4 grandparents, an Aunt and an Uncle. At lunch we talked all about our Book of the Week: It's a Book. The book was passed around, The Sisters shared their favorite parts and we dined on some of the worlds best soup.

All in all it was a good last day of summer and the swim, although cold, was picture perfect!

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  1. The Librarian7:01 PM

    We took inspiration and took a dip in Lake Michigan as well. What a perfect swimming day, in fact. It's a pleasant change to feel warm emerging from the water, and yet the water wasn't numbingly cold. Cheers to you all beachgoers.

  2. The beach & soup & books & family & friends... how scrumptious!!