19 April 2010

What's Happening!

On Mondays we'll look at last week's highlights and what's coming up this week at the Books for Walls Project:

  • This weekend the Haiku Your Book Challenge lead us to a new topic:  Challenges from Readersthe Haiku Riddle (from "jolynbarrett") was answered (by John Daniels) with MORE Haiku --check your memory and see if you know the answer to the riddle (click here) --the four of us discussed and figured out the book, but we'll wait a couple of days to post the answer.
  • Last week was pretty exciting -- with meeting Linda Stephan and then the radio interview, click to listen.  We spent time at our little library and found them very happy with the project.  The Haiku Your Book Challenge was a huge success --there are some fantastic poems, don't forget to add yours!   Thanks to ALL who shared their books and stories.  The Little Sister was very happy with all of the Childhood in a Book comments, too.  Thanks to all of you our "must read" book lists are growing and we have loads of inspiration for the future of the project.
  • Read all of the new comments and add your own!  Remember you can take challenges more than once!  The following are links... click and comment away.
  • Coming Wednesday from the Big Sister:   "The Share Thy Shakespeare Challenge
  • Announcing: our new topic Book to Movie --stop by Friday to see what its all about!

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