13 April 2010

Face to Face w/ Linda Stephan

This morning we had a visitor.  Linda Stephan from Interlochen Public Radio (IPR) came by to interview us about the project.  While the Little Sister preferred to listen, the Big Sister had a ball behind the microphone.

When our portion of the interview was over, the girls decided to turn the table on Linda and interview her about working at IPR.  And then The Big Sister asked Linda to take The Childhood in a Book Challenge.  Here's what we learned during our quick Face to Face with the lovely Linda Stephan:
  • Linda Stephan is wonderful person and is always welcome at the Blue Moon School.
  • Today is her birthday --we celebrated with tea and chocolate.
  • She loves the movie Singing in the Rain, too.
  • Linda loves her job at IPR.
  • We learned about how she prepares for working "on air."
  • Recording and editing interviews is much simpler now thanks to improved technology.
  • Now we all want to tour the studio and are thinking of going into Broadcasting.
  • Linda does her research and was prepared with her favorite childhood book in mind.  She picked, the 1972 Newbery winner, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O'Brien.
  • She smiled as she recalled a teacher reading it in class, a little bit at a time.
  • Even now, when Linda thinks of the book she can "just picture the colony of rats and all sort of wild inventions!"
  • She hesitated to share the plot since she hadn't read it since she was young.  She did remember "the very inventinve community that was at risk of losing everything.  The story was sometimes scary thinking of what could be lost, that their whole civilization... could be lost." Then she explained "its a great story about how creative we can be when (we) work together" and that the story also illustrates that the opposite can also be true.
  • In closing she laughed and joked not to hold it against her if her memory was off.  We won't!  Linda didn't remember the ending, good news, since that made us want to run out and get the book!  
  • We also learned that Linda Stephan has a great laugh.
Thanks Linda!


  1. Many thanks to IPR & Linda Stephan for validating this wonderful endeavor! Way to go Blue Moon School Posse! :)