06 April 2010

The Name: Why The Books for Walls Project?

A couple of readers have wondered about the name "Books for Walls Project." One joked that the title would be less confusing if the title explained what we were doing, "it could be www.tell_us_your_favorite_books.com and then obvious what you're after!!"

Firstly, we are not certain of how to concisely explain, exactly what we are doing. You see, the project is about more than just your favorite books. Secondly, the name "Books for Walls" is where the inspiration began (read the story here.) I (The Mom) have always fantasized about long dinner tables decorated with bottles, flowers, glasses, plates of half eaten food. Around this table would be a menagerie of characters, of all ages, with opinions as far reaching as Nenuphar*. For hours we'd laugh and talk and sing and laugh and argue and hug and eat and solve the worlds problems and then plan to meet again, very soon. We live out in the middle of the woods and have an amazing community of all ages. Tables like this are possible and happen. But we dream big... 

So why, in this world of high speed connections, not invite the whole world? In the tradition of Max, Books for Walls himself, lets gather. Wherever we are. Let's cook and share and talk about books and the things that books inspire us to think about. We'll help give you fodder for said gatherings. But then that is just a part of what we are working on here. Which is why you can only find us at booksforwallsproject.org not, tell_us_your_favorite_books.com. We'll explain more as we go. For now, Begin Here: click!

*The farthest star, the name coined by a good friend --the very farthest star needs a name, doesn't it?

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