12 October 2011

Best of BFWP: The Literary BFF Challenge

The Sister's are lucky, they have the best kind of BFF* the live-in kind. They stand firm on their connection, as sisters, and as BFF's. When I was young I(The Mom) never had a bona fide BFF, never wore a half heart necklace, the other half worn faithfully by my BFF. No, back in the late 70's, early 80's, did the term "BFF" exist? While I may not have had a BFF I think had some idea of who my BFF might be like...

The Mom's Imaginary Childhood BFF:

2 parts Meg Murray (A Wrinkle in Time --Meg's brilliant and normal)

1 part Nancy Drew (Wouldn't it be cool to have a sleuth for a best friend?)
1 part Laura Ingalls Wilder (I didn't think of her as cool, but I liked the way she let her bonnet fly even when Ma chided her for it.)
1 part Jo (Little Women --do I have to explain?)
1 part Fairy Godmother (Again, need I explain?)

As an adult I am lucky to have The Dad as my BFF, but do I admit to fantasizing about what it might be like to have the Bennett Sisters as friends (Pride and Prejudice) or to have coffee with Vianne (Chocolat) or tea with Margaret Mead (I have really dreamed of tea party.)

This week we challenge you to dive into 
your imagination and 
come up with a Literary BFF*.

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*BFF: Best Friend Forever.

Please take The Literary BFF Challenge, tell us all about your imaginary BFF in the comments below:


  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I would like Poppy's Babies as my BFF --from the Brambly Hedge books by Jill Barklem --Poppy has THREE babies and I think they would be CUUUUUUUte and it would be fun to have triplets as best friends!

    The Mom adds that the Brambly Hedge books are going to be reissued!! We'll keep you posted.

  2. The three girls that I really want to be BFF's with really badly:

    Ann --Ann of Green Gables, because I love her imagination.

    Emma --Tales of the Frog Princess, because I love to be friend with someone who can work magic and turn into a dragon!

    Last but not least! Enola Holmes --from her self titled series, because I think it woul dbe fun to be friends with a 14 year old detective that lived on her own in England, wasn't afraid and rather liked being alone. Oh, and she always carries a "dagger in her bosom" (not that she has a bosom!)

  3. My literary BFF would be Elizabeth Bennett, no question. Sly comments and observations about friends and neighbors over tea and pride in who and what we are.

    I also think of Anne Shirley as a kindred spirit and certainly would have loved to grow up pretending with her and Diana. As an adult she was such a kind, interesting woman she would be the kind of friend you love to go visit or have her family visit.

    Claudia Kincaid (from Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler) would be a great person to know! Anyone who would decide to live in the library at 11 (almost 12), has to grow up to be a very interesting young woman!

  4. ameliamcc6:07 PM

    Dear Big Sister-I too would pick Anne (but be SURE to spell it with an "E" my dear-very important!.
    I'd sprinkle in a little of Louise from Katherine Paterson's "Jacob Have I Loved" and round it off with a bit of Hermoine Granger.

  5. I love this challenge! And I love that the big sister and little sister are BFF. I just blogged about my girls' growing friendship today, so it was sweet to read about sister love here as well.

    My first childhood literary BFF would have to be Jesse from the Box Car Children series. Those were the first chapter books I remember reading vividly on my own. I loved Jesse's relationship with Watch, the dog, in particular.

    As far as my adult literary BFF, there are so many possibilities that I'm going to have to think about this for a while and come back again to respond. I like The Mom's list quite a bit - you inspire me to go back to some of those old classics!

  6. Joe Hardy and Roger Hunt were the younger brothers in "The Hardy Boys Mysteries" and "Amazon Adventure respectively. I was a younger brother too, and felt as my own their being held back by a benevolently dominant older brother. All of us came through eventually. I wonder if the authors (Edward Stratemeyer and Willard Price) were younger brothers too. Little Sister, what do YOU think?

  7. My BFF was Ramona Quimby when I was growing up. What spunk! I still have all of her books to share with my little boy (because EVERY boy should read about adventuresome women).

    As I got older, Charlotte Bronte was good company, but I became swept up with Usagi Tsukino as "Sailor Moon", one of the first manga I got my hands on as a teenager.

  8. My childhood literary BFF was Anne Shirley. From the first ride to Green Gables with Matthew where she named each beautiful feature of her new home to her bossom friend Diana, Anne's earnestness and appreciation for love and kindness was so captivating and endearing. I have read the series many times and can't wait to read it with my daughter.

  9. I think MY literary B.F.F. would be:
    1- a mix of Tiria, Mariel and Triss (all characters form Brain Jacques' Redwall stories)all so adventurous, brave and fearless; wouldn't THOSE be nice to have around when I go thru the wilds of the woods!
    2- Arwen Evenstar, the beautiful Elf maiden in the Lord of the Rings, who gives up her immortal life for the man she loves; so brave and trustworthy with secrets!
    3- Kate, an 'I-can-do-it-myself' girl who ALWAYS has a tool for fixing things and is always eager to help her friends, even risking her life to do so!
    4- AnnE (we MUST include that 'E'!), being her imaginative self, giving such beautiful names to the things she thinks are 'gorgeous'! Maybe she could help me make fairy homes in the grotto!

  10. Arwen in Pointe Shoes4:47 PM

    By the way, the 'Kate' I mentioned is from the books called 'The Mysterious Benedict Society' by Trenton Lee Stewart.

  11. I wanted to know and grow with the women in 'the women's room' hanging out with paddington bear was a dream too! Love elevenses.

  12. A friend of Mice ;)11:20 AM

    I would LOVE to be BFF with Despereaux the mouse... could I carry him in my pocket? I think I just want a book-mouse BFF. There are so many book mice and all sooooo cooooooooool.