01 December 2010

The First Three Challenges...

This is how it all began:
we brainstormed, 
we read,
we learned, 
we shared, 
we read,
we drew, 
we took photos, 
we read,
we recorded, 
we read,
we learned how to use youtube
we made a movie
we read,
we edited, 
we read,
then we re-edited 
and finally 
with these three Challenges:

Tell us why you love to read, tell us about your life and how reading is involved 
(Check out what others are saying to help get inspired!)

Tell us, in three sentences or less, why this particular book is on your shelf.

Open the book and write down the first line, skipping the intro, then flip to the end and write down the last line.  Judge from this two sentence thought:  will it be a good book, was it a good book?  
Then share the lines and your thoughts.

Click on the links, read all the great comments and then take a challenge!