30 November 2010

Looking Ahead!!

The Sisters and The Mom just had a meeting. We brainstormed about this holiday season and BFWP... we wondered: how can we fit everything in and not speed through this wonderful time of year?

We decided to make December a time to reflect. We'll look back on 2010 and all of the BFWP Challenges, the goals, the people, and, of course, books. The Sisters also want to highlight favorite holiday books, and good books to give as gifts (and we hope to give away a book or two!) Do you have favorite holiday books? --send us an email with any great ideas you might like to share!

We have a lot planned and hope to share it all. There is nothing like working on a project with inspired young minds, The Sisters sure know how to keep life FUN!

Good-bye November... hello December! Come back often to enjoy the wonderful season with us!

1 comment:

  1. Just a quick hello from blustery #TVC! Every day BFWP reminds me that I need to get my hiney to the library!! A dear friend to us all recommended The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy which I am interested in perusing and I am also a week or so behind in the co-reading of The English Major by Michigan author Jim Harrison... the busy holiday season is not much different than the rest of the year, but the beauty found in each fragile, intricate snowflake reminds me to take a deep breath, slow to my own pace, and just be. I would be happiest if I were surrounded by books, art supplies, music, hot tea, and there were no clocks! Within this dreamscape I would also include favorite friends, like The Four of Us & many of the contributors. Thank you BFWP community for filling a void in my life and communing together in this beautiful way!