08 November 2010

What to read when you have a broken leg?

On Saturday one of our beloved Regular Contributors, The Thinker, was thrown from her horse and broke her leg.  She is brave, strong, resilient and our new hero! While we know she will be back up on both legs soon we imagine lots of  prayers and love will help her along. So send her good thoughts and maybe a good book suggestion or two! When last we saw her she had her leg propped up and had just started reading The Lightening Thief... The Big Sister is planning a long list of books to lend her and a few good movies too!

The Books for Walls Project
sends the Thinker big huge 
get well soon love!


  1. Someone who Loves Lauren!5:58 PM

    Get Well Soon!!!

  2. Anonymous6:15 PM

    toot.love.lauren.toot and puddle is a. very. good book.. the little sister.

  3. Dear Lauren,
    I'm wishing you a speedy recovery! So sorry to learn this... we are cheering you from all over the counties (country/planet!!) from far & wide!!

    I recommend The Boxcar Children series... a favorite, even today!

  4. Dear Lauren,
    Healing thoughts and prayers your way! Keep those spirits high as the sky, dear one...at least now, you have plenty of time to read!
    The Bean