03 May 2010

What's Happening @ Books for Walls Project:

  • We've reached one of our Goals:  We made it to Antarctica.  There was really no way to prepare us for receiving an email from McMurdo Station, Antarctica (watch this video for fun and perspective!) --we knew we wanted to get there, but to have communication with a person in such a far away and mystical place --OUTSTANDING!  So, thank you dear readers, the project is working we are reaching all corners of the globe.
  • We're in the news.  Last night we attended a concert and a friend walked up to The Mom and said, "wow, the girls are on the cover of the Northern Express."  What fun, we didn't even know!  We are simply giddy, we love the project and want the world to know and get involved.  Read the article here.
  • Thanks to ALL who shared their books and stories this week.  Read all of the new comments and take a challenge.  Remember you can take challenges more than once -we can't wait to hear from you.
  • Welcome AntarcticaUkraine and Albania.   Country Count: 24, State Count: 31, Continent Count: 6 --only Africa is left!
  • Coming Wednesday our newest Challenge, this week from the Big and Little Sisters.
  • The "How Do You Mark Your Page" Poll closed click here for the results.  We've been doing research on literacy and found that there is a trend:  more people are reading.  Help us collect some of our own data and vote in the poll.  Read last week's post for more about reading in America and help us show Steve Jobs that people not only read, but that people LOVE to read!
  • We enjoy seeing faces, please consider becoming a Follower --The Sister's watch and love seeing folks they know and meeting new faces, too.  We hope we see you soon!
  • If you are new to The Books for Walls Project, start here and WELCOME!

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