20 May 2010

Getting Ready for a Library Book Sale

Step One:  Reduce --look over our book shelves and find titles we can part with.
Step Two:  Donate --go to favorite library and give the bags of books to a friendly librarian.
Step Three:  Shop --find a library (click here), learn when there sales are, and then shop like crazy because the profits go to a very good place.
Step Four:  Build shelves --optional, but we love this part since The Dad is such a great builder of shelves.
Step Five:  Repeat

For our local (Northern Michigan) readers there are some great sales coming up.  Traverse Area District Library has a new sale this year: One Day One Dollar on Saturday, May 29th (click here for more.)  Interlochen Public Library's sale is on June 25th this year --this is our favorite, it's always during the week of The Big Sister's Birthday-- so we get there early and bring a wagon.

Have you taken a challenge lately?  Tell us about a Really Really Really Good Book, click here!

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