26 May 2010

If I Could Live in a Book Challenge

photo credit: NASA
While following the journey of the Space Shuttle Atlantis (landing today at 8:48am)  we had a number of discussions about whether we would like to be an astronaut, if we could live within their story.  Just look at that picture,  could you ride into that adventure? 

In honor of the STS-132 Mission we give you the If I Could Live in a Book Challengetell us about a book that you would like to be in, that you would like to experience, temporarily of course --whether fiction or non-fiction!

Please use the following format for your comment:
Title of Book, Author, and why you would like to live in this book.


  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Little House on the Prairie!!
    by Laura Ingalls Wilder

    I would like to be Laura, the writer. Because I want to know what color "Bull Jack" their dog is! I want to wear dresses all day and NEVER wear pants!

    (dictated by the Little Sister, typed by the Mom)

  2. Blackberry Winter: My Earlier Years
    by Margaret Mead

    I have always wanted to talk with Margaret Mead --but to go where she went and talk with the people she lived with-- to experience her education and travels... unreal!

  3. My Life in France
    by Julia Child

    I read this book last summer and think it would be amazing to be immersed in French culture, society, and food in the 40's/50's. I love that Julia was my age when she made the life changing move to France and discovered her true passion.

  4. I'm with Little Sister! I've read everything I possibly can about Laura Ingalls Wilder - fiction, non-fiction, her newspaper columns, whatever I could get my hands on. Let's see, if I had to narrow it down, it would be:

    These Happy Golden Years, when Laura was a teacher. I loved the sleigh rides she would get home, and when they would take rides through the town on the weekends.

  5. The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan: An Enola Holmes Mystery by Nancy Springer

    I want to experience this mystery because I couldn't see myself doing this in real life --Enola climbs trees, swings on ropes, and she is very unpredictable.

    And I love the way she dresses up, wears long skirts and "hides a dagger in her bosom."

  6. Brisingr
    by Christopher Paolini

    The first two books in the Inheritence series were pretty good. I am currently trying to read Brisingr, the third book, Eragon (the main character) seems to need a kick in the pants. So I would like to go into this story and be the Eragon and do all the things I think he should do, that the story doesn't have him do. To make the book a little more exciting so that I might actually finish it!

  7. The Librarian11:38 PM

    And one more vote, but for the male half of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, Almanzo. Not only does the boy love horses and farm work, but his memories of mashed potatoes, pies, doughnuts, pies, egg nog, and pies make you drool on the book (Farmer Boy). Don't forget to plant your pumpkins on the full moon of May.

  8. The Friend4:29 PM

    Out of the Dust
    by I Don't Know

    My feelings just tense up an I want to pop in and give Bliiy-Jo a hug!

  9. Earth from Above
    By Yann Arthus-Bertrand

    One of my avocations is photography, really seeing and being aware of all that’s around me. The photo-artist captures beauty (people, nature, and just simply living) all around the globe.

    Perhaps my husband and I could take the plane up and I could shoot pictures while he piloted! Bliss! (Although, we may be afraid of heights in a small plane!)

  10. Chronicals of Narnia
    By: C. S Lewis

    It would be so fun to dance with Fauns, see tree spirits and and look in to the eyes of Aslan and at the same time avoid dragons, witches and giants. C. S. Lewis gives such a clear picture of all the creatures of Narnia, but it would be even better to be there and feel the things Lucy, Edmund, Peter, Susan and the others felt. Also, to taste the "Narnian air". Wow.

  11. I'm guessing Hogwarts is overdone, no? I would choose any of Terry Pratchett's books that are located in the medieval city of Ahnk Morpork. I love how each of the guilds (the Thieve's Guild, The Assassan's Guild, etc) were so organized and ethical about their occupations. I liked how the rag-tag City Watch got themselves in bigger trouble then they meant to. You could almost smell the awful smells.

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  13. I'd think it would be cool to be Max from Maximum Ride series or Katniss from the Hunger Games...
    They are both brave, smart, good humored characters and I adore that...

    The Dad: I love Eragon!!!