18 May 2010

A Dawn and An End

When we captured this photo from NASA's
live feed we were pretty sure both
Garret Reisman and Steve Bowen were
both in the shot... see if you can
find them both!
Around here, we love a good story and we love names --names of books, names of people, names in general.  When one of our names is linked to a good story, even better.

This week, during the last mission of the Space Shuttle Atlantis (read Monday's article in Time Magazine, click here) we learned that the Shuttle delieverd the Rassvet, "A Russian-built Mini-Research Module-1 (which) will be used for science research and cargo storage." (Read more on NASA's website, click here.)

We like this story for two reasons:  one, the Rassvet will offer new options for experiments on the Space Station and two, Rassvet is the Russian word for Dawn.  Dawn is the Little Sister's middle name and when you are six having something up there in space with your name on it, well, that's pretty cool.

We also love making up names for Challenges.  This week, the The Big Sister gets the honors and she came up with a good one --she was inspired to create the Challenge when we finished a  really good book this afternoon.

While you are waiting for tomorrow's Challenge why not take last week's: On Ice in Antarctica Challenge and check out the photos of the Mc Murdo Station Library.  We have word that the winged creature in the photo is actually a good friend of Marika's --but we'll let our imaginations run with the idea of fairies in Antarctica --the Sisters love fairies.  Click here to check out the photos.

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