04 April 2017

The Big Sister's First Book (and Happy Anniversary to BFWP!)

Their Sister Love began just
over  7 years 13 years ago. 
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Sparked by this week's* Get in Touch with Your Inner Dummy Challenge and thanks to her wonderful relationship with The Little SisterThe Big Sister began writing her own "Dummies Book."

Unprompted, she wrote the following list in her journal and decided to share it with the BFWP readers in honor of our one year anniversary. 

The Books for Walls Project is about more than just reading, it is about relationship building and learning more about the wonderful people inhabiting this lovely planet. 

Without further ado we give you...

Big Sistering for Dummies
This list is to help you and your younger 
siblings get along and be friends

#1 Remember you are worshiped by a younger person.

#2 The smaller (younger) person wants to be the same as you because they like you so much.

#3 Remember even though they can be frustrating, they still love you.

#4 If you do not want them to be in your space or room do not have a keep out sign. That makes them more curious. Let them come in and look, but you can have privacy and thing off limits.

#5 Try to be kind to them, remember you were their age once. If they ask you to play and you do not want to you can simply say, "no, but I would like to some other time!"

#6 Try to love them. Look at them and try to recognize that they are human beings with feelings.

#7 You need time for yourself, do something relaxing, by yourself.

#8 Find something you and your sibling have in common and like to do together because you are going to be with them a long time.

#9 If you are frustrated walk out of the room/get away or ask for help. Adults are really important at times like these. You are not responsible for your younger sibling, your parents are and it is okay to ask them for help!

#10 The reason it's worth it to work on your relationship with your sibling is because when you are sick or down they are always there for you and you'll always have a friend to hang out with. The rewards are worth all the work!
And thankfully their Sister Love keeps growing and 
growing! The Little Sister's great idea for 
a photo hiding their faces...Hugging! 
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Thank you Big Sister for writing this wonderful list --we cannot wait for the whole book. 

Thank you, Dear Readers, for sharing your time and your thoughts with us and of course for taking Challenges --oh, we LOVE when you take Challenges and leave comments.

Thank you to our Wonderful Regular Contributors, both old and new. Your participation keeps us smiling and ever inspired. 

Thank you to the Writers of the World who keep us ever-content and supplied with good books to read. 

Thank you Librarians of the World for all of the work you do.

Thank you to The Sisters who are a great inspiration to their parents and, thanks to them, we began this wonderful project!

Without all of you we wouldn't be celebrating our One Year  Six Year Anniversary 
and so one thousand thanks and
Happy Anniversary!

Over the next couple of weeks we'll be cleaning up the site 
and making it a little simpler to navigate the challenges 
--we want it to be fun and easy to take 
part in the Books for Walls Project. 

Hope to see you again soon!

*This was originally published on our first anniversary in April of 2011.


  1. YAHOO!! happiest birthday wishes, and i LOVE this book, big sister! what wonderful, life-enhancing tips. thanks for a GREAT year of reading and friendship here!

  2. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Way to go BFW, and way to go Big Sister!! You are a wise one, and so obviously the right one to write this book because you and Sonja are great sisters!!

    Unka K

  3. The Librarian4:59 PM

    This was printed off instantly! Thank you so much for passing on the love, Big Sister!

  4. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Excellent. Happy anniversary.

  5. Norma GC11:47 AM

    Happy Anniversary! I hope it is the first one of many, many others.
    Thank you Big Sister for such a helpfull list, I'll keep it present for my kids (and my own siblings ;)