05 April 2011

How to Add Pizazz (HTML Code) to Your Blogger Comments

The Books for Walls Project is definitely about books. But did you know the project is also an effort to help The Four of Us learn about the internet, website management and all about blogging? Oh, have we learned a lot in this last year! 

Recently, a reader asked, "how do you make those handy links and italicize book titles like The Mom does? I want to do that too!" Learning to add simple html code to blog comments can be easy and make comments that much more fun to read. So, The Mom stayed up late creating these directions (note the time on the sample post, she broke her "off the computer by 10" resolution.)  
 Add a little pizazz to your next comment 
just follow these simple directions!

To make text bold:
Add a b tag to your text like this:
 C'est voila, your text will be BOLD:
The Big Sister and The Little Sister

To italicize:
Add an i tag to your text like this:

Like magic, your text will slant:
I Love Books! And The Books for Walls Project!

Create a hyperlink:

First plug in your URL and TEXT into this little code equation:
 For example plug in these:
 URL: http://www.booksforwallsproject.org
 TEXT: The Books for Walls Project     
 Like this:

And if you do A+ work you should have a functioning hyperlink, like this:

Use these simple directions and your blog comments can go: 
From this:

 with a little code magic:

 To This (Drum roll, please!):

Now go ahead try what you've learned! Take a Challenge! How about one of these:


  1. Maggie9:52 AM

    Thank you thank you thank you! It works! And when I clicked on preview, Blogger caught a mistake, so I corrected it!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love learning new little html tips & tricks. I only just recently (in the last 30 days) finally learned the 'how' to the aforementioned tips!

    Thank you Books for Walls, for helping me stay savvy with my blogging!

    Now, if only I could do it as regularly as you all do!?!

    (You inspire me!!)

  3. NEWS FLASH! SERVER DOWN! The Four of Us internet server is down. The Weekly challenge is coming once the service is back up! The Mom wanted you to know, dear readers!