20 July 2010

Reading in Silly and Unexpected Places

Last week the Sisters came up with this fun idea: let's take photos of us reading in Silly (The Little Sister's suggestion) and Unexpected (The Big Sister's suggestion) places and invited our readers to do the same and we can post them!

This summer the Sister's have a special treat, our cousin Gena is here for the summer (interning at a local non-profit.) One night Gena showed the girls her new car's magic trunk -it has a handy little glow in the dark thing-a-majig that if you just happen to get closed in the trunk, you pull it and, voila, escape! Very fun stuff... well, the Sisters thought the trunk would be a good place to read... and indeed, it was!
The Big Sister reading Lloyd Alexander's "Book of Three"

The Little Sister reading "Corduroy" by Don Freeman
The Big and Little Sister invite you read in silly and unexpected places and share them with The Books for Walls Project -via a photo or a story!


  1. Nice way to stay out of the sun & maybe the rain! :)

  2. I like to take a book and go read on the roof!