12 July 2010

Just Hanging Around, The Contest

We offer you, dear readers, 
our first contest.
All you have to do is answer the following about this photo:

1. Name the City and State of this historic (hint, hint) building that this photo adorns.
2. Identify the photo by naming the movie from which it is taken.
3. Name the award winning fictional book that has print of this photo and details about the movie all within its story.

Stumped? Send us an email and we'll send you a clue!

Send us your answers (or clue requests) to info@booksforwallsproject.org. We will reward the first reader to get all three correct. For young readers all you have to do is answer one correctly to be entered in a children's drawing.
What are the prizes you smartly ask? First: the winners will gain the honor of being the very first winners of our very first contest! Second: each winner will get to pick from a list of fantastic prizes --many of which are related to the correct answers-- so we cannot list them without giving it away. We can tell you about one: original Books for Walls Book List Journals. These one of a kind, handmade journals are perfect for keeping track of books you are reading, witty passages and thoughts to share at Books for Walls! Soon we will have the journals for sale, too.