11 April 2012

Library 101

As Library National Library Week continues we're thinking what is the first thing you have to do begin a relationship with the library?

We realized there are steps and here is what we came up with:

Step One:
  • The Big Sister says, "First you have to want to go.  And it's good to go because there are books and you never know what you'll learn there -sometimes it's really fun to read and sometimes you figure out what you want to do when you get older!"
Step Two:
Step Three:
  • Go to the library and Get your Library Card:  Arrive at the library you found (or call first) and ask how you can get your card (for more, click here
The Little Sister says, "to get your card you have to sign your name, so learn to write your name --when I was little, it took me a little while to remember how to write a J instead of a C, but I did and so I got my card!"
Step Four:
  • Take out books, movies, music or use their computers --enjoy the world that is open to you!
Step Five:
  •  Read, Renew or Return, and Repeat.

    • All four of us agree that if your library offers an online option, use it!  Our library system (Traverse Area District Library) offers such perks as an email notice 3 days before books are due, up to 6 renewals, online browsing and reserving --so you can look at books at midnight and pick them up from the front desk in the morning.
Step Six:
  • Then visit the Books for Walls Project and tell us about what you're reading!  Share the inspiration.
Have a Library Love Story (click here)?  A love story can be any memory about life connected with your library.  When you got your first card, a librarian that was particularly wonderful, a book you found (or that found you.)  We'll keep Library Love Stories available, so whenever you think of one, come back and tell us!  

Thank you for all of the comments at Childhood in a BookYourstoryFirst Line/Last Line,  Bookshelf Challenge and wow, some amazing Haiku Your Book take a moment to read them and post your own comments!

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  1. "Read, Renew or Return, and Repeat." Perfect!!