28 February 2012

Why Do We Love Mice in Books So Much Challenge

A Mouse Reading Outside the House.
By The Little Sister
While reviewing Secrets at Sea we jotted down a list of books: main character... MICE. Quickly we found that most of the books we really, really liked and many we absolutely loved. Truth be told we cannot get enough of little anthropomorphized mice. Give them a sword, we want them on our side; give them a dress, we want to invite them to our tea party; make them talk, we want to listen to their story. What is it about these little creatures that in books we love, but scurrying around in our homes, well, we grab a trap.

We are guessing that there are 
mountains of mice books out 
there and we want to find 
(and hopefully

Can you help? 
Tell us about your favorites
--tell us about why you love them. 
Don't be afraid to share books 
that have already been mentioned, 
we want to know the story of 
why YOU like the book. 

So share on Dear Readers, 
tell us Why You Love Mice in Books SO Much!

Please use the following format for your comment:
Title of the Book, Author, and your thoughts on the book.


  1. Mouse Tales
    by Arnold Lobel

    one of the first books that comes to mind and so fun to read!

  2. i am sure you're read the redwall books....

    btw, lillie is just LOVING secrets of the sea. thanks for the rec!

  3. I love Tale of Despereaux, of course!!! Such a cute mouse! Who doesn't love Despereaux?!?!

  4. I remember reading Frederick by Leo Leonni to my children and then the Big and Little Sisters! Oh, so dear!