17 November 2011

Word of the Day from The Uncle: Bibliophage

This just in from The Uncle (hopefully we'll get him to be a regular one day!) Today's Word of the Day from www.dictionary.com:


   \BIB-lee-uh-feyj\ , noun;\BIB-lee-uh-feyj\, noun:
An ardent reader; a bookworm.
You may recall, if you are something of a bibliophage, that the late Sylvia Plath had a story with a similar name.
-- Corey Mesler, We Are a Billion-Year-Old Carbon
The borrower, heedless, reckless bibliophage cares nothing about all this; into the midst of these learned pleasures he leaps like a fox into a hen-roost; he is smitten all at once with an overmastering hunger for reading...
-- Elliot Stock, The Bookworm
Bibliophage derives from the Latin biblio meaning “books” and phage meaning “a thing that devours.”
We'd like to coin a new term... librarybiliophagean ardent reader of LIBRARY books! Now go and and celebrate your librarybibliophageness... visit your favorite library and tell them we sent you!


  1. Anonymous3:08 PM

    I've heard of Bibliophile but not Bibliophage! Thanks girls!

  2. ooo NICE! I would comment more, but I have some reading to do. PROUD to be a Bookworm!

  3. I am definitely a bibliophage!

  4. Definitely a bibliophage, but regretfully b/c of a planned move, & early packing to avoid stress, & then an unforeseen delay in the actual move (storage), & then the moving into a real fixer-upper of a project, not to mention a busy double work life, commuting & travel to DC & NYC, I have not been reading like my normal self... at any given time, I might have 3-6 books that I'm reading/deferring to/being inspired by... YET of late, the books are packaged in totes & the library is a distant memory... Luckily, while in NYC, I spent some time at The Strand & picked up three new books! I should be back to my normal contributing self soon! Thank you for all the inspired reading ideas BFW pals!! Happy Thanksgiving!