17 May 2011

Get the Scoop at Your Library: 1,000 Words, Pictures Speak (with a few words) about The San Francisco Public Library Main Branch

Sometimes there aren't words.

So, click the link and enjoy Wendy MacNaughton's latest work "The San Francisco Public Library Main Branch, in its own words". 

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Wendy's blog 

the San Francisco Public Library's website.

Click Wendy's illustration and enjoy the story...


  1. "95% of the books we have are not online." What a wild reality! It is easy to think that the Internet connects us with everything... but it doesn't does it?

  2. Hey, 4 0f U,

    THANK YOU for finding wonderful things like this and bringing them to us. I would never even know how to go looking for such things myself.

    What a treasure trove you are!