25 June 2010

New Sharing Option and Wood for Good

We've been searching for a "friendly" share button. Blogger just did the work for us. They just added a "share" option (way up there at the top of the page) -a "follow" option is up there too.  Come and follow us (the Sisters have been watching for pictures of new faces, we'd sure like to see yours!)

Why Follow?  Because we have big plans for the summer: contests, new challenges, a "real mail" postcard/penpal program, and since the Big Sister and The Mom are itching to get it going, we'll launch the photo challenge VERY soon!  Why Share? Because part of the project it to watch and learn how the internet spreads information and most importantly to learn from all sorts of people, all over the world, about books and reading!  So go ahead, share us :) we thank you!

Enjoy the weekend... looks like a beauty.

P.S.  The Poet aka John Daniels is featuring his amazing woodworking at the Old Town Art Fair in Traverse City on Sunday, June 27th (go to his website for more, click here.)

Wood for Good: 40% of profits on Sunday will go to the Goodwill Inn tell everyone you know --while his website isn't ready for online sales yet, you can email him to arrange a purchase!  Hope to see you there --look for the Sisters they will be helping their wonderful Bapa and Nana by handing out information!

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