15 April 2011

National Library Week 2011 (Why we LOVE the Library.)

We like to say that the Books for Walls Project was "created to support literacy, libraries and book love." But if you want to get technical we could shorten that to simply "created to support libraries." Because you see, libraries support literacy and book love. So if we support libraries, they do the rest.

The Four of Us are big supporters of our local library, Interlochen Public Library,
"Interlochen Library feels like a second home to me. I've been there so many times. I cannot explain it, exactly, but with all the books and the librarians --I am just comfortable there. Plus, it is a LIBRARY!" The Big Sister

April 10-16, 2011 is  National Library Week, which is, according to the American Library Association, "a time to celebrate the contributions of our nation's libraries and librarians and to promote library use and support." So how can a person best support libraries? Really it is simple. Janette Grice, Director of Interlochen Public Library, said it best, "use your library!" To learn more about IPL read our interview with Janette.
"I love the library, I love Janette she is smart and funny! I like all of the people at the library a LOT, they are NICE and they love books too!!" The Little Sister
At the Books for Walls Project everyday is National Library Week. We never have ads trying to sell books; rather than buying a book we suggest you first try to find it at the library. Need a little help? Try starting with www.worldcat.org which helps you find a book at a library nearest you, wherever you are!

There are so many ways that a library can help, all you have to do is ask! Here are some tips and fun ways to learn about and support our wonderful libraries:
  • New to the library? The Sisters created Library 101 just for you, click here and get started!
  • Do you love the library? Check out I Love Libraries (www.ilovelibraries.org) brought to you by the American Library Association (www.ala.org.)
  • Interested in the State of America's Libraries? Read the 2011 report, hot off the presses --read on, click here.
  • Follow the Books for Walls Project, we promise to keep up to date on library news and have a bunch of bookish fun. Click here for ways to keep in touch.
  • Do you love YOUR Library? Add it to our Favorite Libraries List -click here to check out the list, click here to add your favorite library.
  • Tell us a a Library Love Story, we LOVE stories or tell us why you love your library (we shared out top ten) click here and read more!
Now go out and enjoy your library and tell them 
The Sisters at Books for Walls Project sent you!


  1. Thank you, as always, for visiting our site. It's a pleasure to have you! Such great library advocates.

    atyourlibrary.org staff

  2. Thanks @yourlibrary The Four of Us are happy to have you visit too! And thanks for the compliment!!

    @yourlibrary.org and the American Library Association can count on The Books for Walls Project for continued support!

    Hope National Library Week was wonderful!